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Staying on the Edge of Innovation

To meet changing consumer needs in a category with more choice than ever before, Anheuser-Busch overhauled their product development process in 2018 by implementing Innovation Week (iWeek). This Innovation Week takes the Anheuser Busch team (more than 200 cross-functional participants) out of their comfort zone, to fuel ideation with inspiration. These participants come together and develop concepts with the goal of allowing the company to launch new products more quickly than ever before.

Previously, this event was held in person, but the challenges presented by the pandemic caused the Anheuser Busch Team to make some changes. The Virtual Event Production Team at Bluewater was happy to step in and utilize our virtual event platform, Parallel, to ensure that Innovation Week could continue in a safe, virtual space. Parallel helped bring together the organization of the entire event. Our team created virtual rooms and ensured each participant was being routed to the correct virtual room and that they were always in the correct seats. The schedule was designed specifically down to the user. Our team at Bluewater was proud to help execute this unique virtual experience and ensure that restrictions on in-person gatherings did not slow Innovation Week down. The Anheuser Busch received excellent feedback from iWeek Attendees:

“The site was excellent and made the week feel like an event and not just a bunch of meetings.”

The result was a successful virtual event that resulted in greater flexibility for attendees, effective interactions, and an abundance of innovative ideas to help Anheuser Busch successfully launch new products in the market. To learn more about Bluewater’s virtual event production capabilities, connect with one of our Parallel team members today.

virtual event

How we Elevated the Experience

  • Custom Branded Landing Page
  • Secure Registration
  • On Demand Content
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Per User Schedule (different schedule per attendees)
  • Custom Stage Design & Build

The functionality of the Parallel platform makes it easy to collaborate without being in person.

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