2021 Virtual Kickoff brings refreshing and unique approach to National Nail

 If you visit the National Nail website, you will find a quote on their homepage from CEO Scott Baker. It reads as follows; “We’re creative problem solvers who exist, to learn what you do and how you do it, and to develop unique relevant experiences that generate value.” That quote is something we take to heart as well. In fact, if we were to ask a client to write us a “purpose statement” of our own, we are pretty sure they might come up with something very similar. Thus, when National Nail came to us with a unique challenge of moving a kickoff that has always been face-to-face to the virtual space, we knew we had to be a “creative problem solver” at the highest level in order to “develop a unique and relevant experience.” 

Bluewater energetically worked with the inspiring team at National Nail to develop a virtual event that left attendees stunned at the flawless execution. We first learned of National Nail’s event through a mutual client who connected the dots and provided the confidence needed for the two of us to partner on the task at hand.  

The Amway Grand typically hosts between 100-200 attendees for the annual kickoff event, but Covid-19 forced the team to make other plans. This is when Bluewater jumped into action. We knew that National Nail needed more than a standard Zoom call, or one way communication, thus we decided to bring them into our full production studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All presenters were able to utilize our studio space that includes premium audio and visual equipment, and even an LED backdrop that can feature everything from presentations, to wrap-around imagery. Our virtual event production team also produced and guided the entire event that was broadcast to virtual attendees all over the country.  

Bluewater took it a step further and brought in the ability for both attendees and presenters to communicate, thus creating an environment that featured live two-way communication. Additionally, we utilized that two-way communication to create an experience within the wall to projectors so that virtual attendees could feel like they were having a face-to-face conversation with the presenter.  

Next, we developed virtual breakout rooms where individual topics that were relevant to specific attendees could be discussed in small virtual huddles. Once these were completed attendees could leave these virtual rooms and re-engage with the main general session.  

At Bluewater our biggest differentiator is our people and our pre-production and production teams delivered a flawless and unique event. We worked to deliver an experience that attendees would be talking about for years, and those that coordinated the event would leave feeling like their part on the overall project was simple, and concise because Bluewater delivered on our promises.  

To learn more about Bluewater’s virtual event production capabilities or our Parallel.live platform, along with information on how to utilize our Streaming Studio for your next virtual event, contact us today.