Extending the Reach of the VelocityEHS User Conference with Parallel

The 2024 VelocityEHS User Conference was held from May 7-9th at the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center on The University of Texas at Austin campus. This three-day event brought together professionals focused on achieving operational excellence through Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. With a meticulously crafted agenda and four interactive tracks, the conference offered attendees a comprehensive guide to enhancing their workplace operations.

Conference Highlights

  • 25+ Educational and Hands-On Workshops: Attendees participated in a variety of session types including classes, panels, roundtable discussions, educational presentations, and product capability demos.
  • Onsite Networking Opportunities: Facilitating connections among industry professionals.
  • Welcome Reception + After-Hours Party: Providing relaxed environments for informal networking.
  • Partner Pavilion Exposition Area: Showcasing the latest industry innovations.
  • Inspirational Keynote Session: Featuring insights from leading industry experts.

Parallel Integration

Bluewater, the event technology company producing the event, leveraged its event platform, Parallel, to extend the reach of the conference to a virtual audience, ensuring that those who could not attend in person could still benefit from the event. The virtual platform provided a seamless and interactive experience, mirroring the energy and engagement of the live event. Key features of the virtual event extension included:

Attendee Tracking

Parallel’s attendee tracking feature allowed VelocityEHS to monitor virtual attendance, providing insights into session popularity and engagement levels. This data was invaluable for understanding attendee preferences and improving future events.


To enhance engagement, VelocityEHS incorporated gamification elements, enabling attendees to unlock achievements for attending specific sessions, keynotes, and other event areas. This interactive approach encouraged participation and made the virtual experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

Seamless Registration

Parallel allowed for a streamlined registration process, catering to both in-person and virtual attendees.

Schedule Management

The platform’s robust schedule management tools allowed attendees to view the agenda of the event, ensuring they could maximize their conference experience by attending sessions that were most relevant to their interests.

The 2024 VelocityEHS User Conference was a resounding success. Attendees, whether on-site in Austin or participating remotely, were able to fully engage with the event’s offerings. Bluewater’s expertise in event production and the advanced capabilities of the Parallel platform ensured that the conference not only met but exceeded expectations, providing all attendees with the tools and knowledge to enhance their workplace practices.
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